Uses for Honeycomb at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Here are a few easy ways to eat honeycomb or introduce it to friends and family who may not be familiar with it.

Honeycomb as a Breakfast Topping

Cut a piece of honeycomb into small chunks and sprinkle over warm oatmeal, pancakes or waffles. Place it on while it’s hot to very warm so the honeycomb melts on top and can be stirred or spread on top.

Honeycomb in Salads

Cut a small piece of honeycomb into very tiny chucks and sprinkle over a salad. Top with a soft cheese, nuts and dried fruit or figs.

Sandwiches, Dinners and Desserts

Honeycomb is absolutely delicious when added to warm food that causes it to melt partially. Add a small piece of honeycomb to a hot ham and cheese sandwich, place in the center of a hot bowl of chili, or not top of a baked dessert or pastry fresh out of the oven.

My absolute favorite was to eat honeycomb is baked in a pastry with brie.

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