About Our Bee Farm in Hawaii 


Aloha. My name is Laryssa and I’m the owner of Bee Happy Hawaii. This company came as a result of me falling in love with beekeeping 10  years ago. I didn’t know much about bees when I first got started, but the more I read about bees, the more I loved them. 


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On a whim, I decided to take a trip to Hawai‘i the Fall of my first year as a beekeeper and fell in love with the Big Island. When I got home, I found an internship working on a bee farm and was back on a plane to Hawaii two months later. A six month internship turned into a beekeeping position at a farm up the road. Eventually, I got two hives, started collecting swarms and harvesting honey.

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Four years ago I started the West Hawaii Beekeeping Association so beekeepers had a place to talk story and learn from each other. After a few months of pestering from wanna-bee beekeepers, I started offering beekeeping classes. We now offer beekeeping classes and have an online class for those who want to avoid all those beginner mistakes I made and have a mentor to help them along the way. Later down the road, I hope we can open our farm up to the public on a daily basis so visitors from all over the world can learn about bees and where honey comes from.


Learn more about our in-person and online classes at beekeepingmadesimple.com.


Beekeeping Philosophy

While working for a large beekeeping operation, I learned a lot about honey forgery and chemical treatments put into beehives. Unfortunately, most honey you will find for sale is part honey, part corn syrup, has a high level of chemicals in it and is heavily strained and heated to pasteurize it – leaving the honey void of all its nutritional content.

At Bee Happy Hawaii, we do not “water down” our honey with sugar syrup or feed the bees for any reason. In order to keep the bees healthy, we use integrated pest management techniques (IPM) to keep pest levels low. Sometimes, treatments are needed, and there is one treatment type that is made from natural ingredients that we place in the beehives when a honey flow has ended.

The way we see it, our number one job is to keep the bees happy and healthy. We harvest only the excess and try to be as non-invasive as possible. We believe it is important to bother the bees as little as possible and get involved only when necessary.

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